In recent times we’ve seen a rapid shift towards mobile platforms by player bases around the world. Given the advancement in technology and the high performance of phones it’s no wonder why. Being able to play some of the best slot games online from just about anywhere is an amazing feeling. The benefits to using mobile platforms can be huge, its unsurprising that people are ditching their clunky laptops and desktops. In this article we plan to explore some more of the advantages of mobile and discuss its future. If you’re interested in learning more about online casinos and what they have to offer you can over at Spinathon.

Current successes

Mobile is doing a lot of things right that’s for sure, with around 75% of most online casinos revenue being generated from mobile players. That represents a huge proportion, making many sites unfeasible without their mobile players. So, there’s no doubt as to why they work so hard to optimise their platforms for mobile use. Here’s some of the benefits mobile currently offers its users:

  • Convenience: The ability to play anywhere at anytime is unrivalled. Whether you’re on the train visiting a friend, waiting for an appointment or just about anything else. You literally have a portable casino available to you whenever you want it.

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  • Pay by Mobile: A brilliant new feature that makes payments even easier for mobile users. Simply adding the deposit to your next phone bill, no card or account information is required, so it’s easier than ever!
  • Accessibility: Mobile platforms are much easier to access. In comparison to the likes of desktops which need to be turned on and loaded up before getting internet access. With a phone you don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection and you can instantly access the internet through one touch.

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What could be in store for Mobile Gaming?

It’s almost certainly going to be a bright future for mobile platforms, thanks to their growing demand. There’s a range of different opportunities that could potentially enhance the mobile experience. For example, virtual reality represents a new growing trend that mobile may be able to take advantage of in the future. This would draw in new crowds of players, likely interesting a younger player base. Which, if successful would only lead to a much more rapid increase in mobile usage for online slots casinos.

Additionally, with the advancements in the types of technology available to us and what goes into each smartphone we’re likely to see big things. With the speed at which new features are being added this will only further improve the gaming experience. Factors such as a vast improvement in graphics making games such as Gonzo’s Quest even more breath-taking. Also, factors such as their speed will likely be greatly improved in the near future. As well as the constant developments in online data such as 4G and fibre-optic broadband. Who knows what the future holds and how fast mobiles could become. Visit Homepage for more..