Online casinos date back up to 1990, their emergence grew tremendously as a result of the growth of the internet. Take a look at some more information about online gambling at the previous link. It is no secret that every human being loves to have fun and some enjoyment in their lives, and online casinos offer this feeling. This is evident by the fact that the online gaming industry is a multi-billion industries.

Online casinos have become more popular since one can play in the comfort of his house and doesn’t require to travel for long distance. Besides fun, it is also associated with wealth and prestige. The same experience found in the online casino is the same as of those ground-based since the payouts are almost similar. These are the types of online casino games you’ll find:

Video Poker

Many people do not differentiate video poker and slot, some think that video poker is another poor version of the slot. This is not so, the similarities are just that both are seen on the screen and no more similarities. Video poker is just like any other poker game, but you paid if your hand contains a certain rank. Most people operate with the minimum or better, the better the hand means the better the win.

These are the rules governing this game which are simple and straight forward -this could be the era for online betting?. You will need a hand that will hold at least five cards, make sure you read the payout table keenly. On your hand-select the cards to keep and those to discard. The rules of this game suggest that unless you have winning cards you can through the lot away and then search for something better. The discarded cards will then be replaced by new cards and this will be your final hand and if it ranks high then you will be considered a winner.


roulette board

This game was originally played in France and then spread around Europe and the world.
This game is very easy for it will require you to bet on numbers.
This is the only game that offers large pay-outs. A single bet pay-out goes up to 35.1 for a single bet. This is how this game is played. When the round is opened bets are placed, the wheel is spin and a white ball released at the different direction until the ball drops in one number slot up to when the game is considered over. Money is collected from losers and paid to winners.


This is a very easy and unique game. Player and dealer starts with two cards and gets close to 9. Hand in baccarat add up to 9 if there are more than this a 10 is removed from the total. The best hand is a natural that means that both cards add up to 9 which is an automatic win. If maybe there is no winner players are issued extra cards to determine the winner.

Online 3 Reel classic slots

Due to technology people have advanced to many ways of making their investments through the internet. Reel classic slots were the first slots to be made they were also known as the fruit slots which were symbolized or shown by 3 reel varieties which commonly lemon bars cherries and playing cards. 3-reel classic slot games they only have single pay line and winning combinations can only be accomplished if the symbols line up in the middle the 3 reels.

Benefits of the 3 classic reel slots

-It is the best for the new beginners
-Playing experienced is archived quickly
-There simple bonus rounds
-Non-benefits of the 3 classic reel slot


Players used to the 5 classic reel slots are easily bored, Betting is limited.

5 classic reel slots machines

They are look-alike same as the 3 but there are five slots instead of three they tend to offer harder winning combinations. They are commonly found online they open with more entertaining videos with great animations.

Videos slots

video slot

They are normally the most famous of all the slot various slots they come with a wide variety of themes which most of them are found online. They come with five to seven reels and some have nine. The slots come with a ram of pay lines which is up to 50 which gives players a myriad of winning opportunities.


Blackjack is an online game which a true ionic game it is an ultimate casino challenge it requires a serious, careful, patience and courage and strategic consideration. The goal of blackjack is not as close to 21 but to beat the dealer wins a lot of money

Rules of this blackjack game

A minimum bet of one us dollar, By the show of one hand, the dealer gives two cards. The player can double the bet value if one gets two cards of the same value before splitting the bet. One has an option of adding more card by pressing hit but player loses automatically if the value of your card exceed 21.

Select stand when you are ready to play

The dealer reveals his hidden card and it must hit lower than 16
You win if the game if the combined value of your cards is greater than that of the dealer
So just log in to numerous online casino websites and enjoy playing these awesome games at the comfort of your home. Just remember that gambling can be addictive and should be played with lots of care

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